Saturday, August 30, 2008


the red fabric was the most expensive of the bunch, but you know you have a good eye, when i literally bought all they had left...and it was only 3/4 of a yard.

the blue bird yard speaks karen to me every time i look at it. hmm. maybe she'll get a gift.

i also discovered when grouping my yarn by colors... i have a LOT of pink yarn. i also have a lot of alpaca, which i love, cause it doesn't make me itch when I knit it. I also like how intricate and strong alpaca is. I made a few alpaca hats for Jason a few years ago, he still wears them and they still keep his big ol' brain warm.

i am such a sucker for all things domestic. i see a bin of yarn and i want to dive in and create. i see fabric and i just want to make pretty things with it. there is a bit of a miser in me, that is like, you are not good enough at any of these things yet, do not waste that fabric on a project that may not work out!... . but i'm trying to get over that.

i went to this awesome fabric store in downtown LA, Michael Levine the other day, pre-illneess and spent way too much money on fabric I'm not so sure if I'm going to sew. However, the picks were awesome and I had a hard time not buying everything, especially the adorable and very expensive designs from the japanese designers.

i had already been prompted to change the storage under my bed to long boxes rather than deep bins, so I got started, I was rather excited to see all my other fabrics and my yarn. (ha... not like I'll use them anytime soon!) the photos above tell the tale...

i'm actually headed to joann today to buy some extra zippers and such. i have a bunch of birthdays coming up and i'm wondering if i can fit in a few little purses here and there. def want to practice piecing those things together.

this is the bag i eventually want to make. amy butler nappy bag


Karen said...

haha!! i love the birdies! very Partridge Family too, no?
so cute!

Karen said...

hahah!!! i love the birdies! very Partridge Family, no?

Its totally darling...

Ellen said...

I'd like to put in an order for a whatever fabric speaks "Ellen" to you. I knew you'd have a crafty side business! Myself, I'm finishing another cross-stitch Christmas ornament today, just in time to use them on my very first real live tree in my home this year! Wanna come up to help me decorate it? I'm thinking Thanksgiving weekend.