Monday, May 19, 2008

black bean brownies

sounds weird right? they are sooo good and so much better for you.

as i was perusing my new favorite cooking blog 101 cookbooks I came across this recipe. black bean brownies I read the comments to see what people thought and found a much easier version to make. Take a box of brownie mix, puree a can of black beans, mix together and viola! Brownies!

I decided with the help of my local target to make two batches for the nurses at the hospital where we had clinical. I got to work. Turns out my new oven has a crazy thermostat and I almost burnt them. (When the heat wave goes away, I'll work on that.) But for now... here is what they looked like.

I didn't take them to the hospital on account of not wanting to deal with the oven temperature, for a second batch, but I took them to my CNSA meeting and they were a hit. They aren't as sweet, which is nice, and from what i heard, the do cause gas. :)

oh and last but not least. last night as i walked through my apartment (i turned the lights on, as i'm still trying to deal with the aforementioned problem.) i found one, killed it, wiped up the raid, and the proceeded to slip in the raid and bit it. i fell hard. right on my knee. it hurt so much. that bone jarring hurt. thankfully, it's not too bad. i immediately grabbed an ice pad, elevated it, and took a few motrin. it's a bit bruised, but i think i'll survive.

i've also installed a door sweep on my front door. one of the neighbors swears by 409, i'm going buy some tonight. i also bought a vat of boric acid, and i've been caulking every nook and cranny.

it's all just gross... well, except the brownies. which were made before i had special visitors.


Kaylee said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment. Good to find your blog. Hope you don't mind if I read along! ;o)


Ellen said...

I got an oven thermometer at wal mart for less than five bucks. It hangs from the rack inside my oven. I found that my oven is about fifty degrees hotter than it reads on the dial, so now I just set the oven fifty degrees less than whatever the package says to cook at and I'm hunky dory.