Sunday, May 11, 2008


I love seattle. I love it with every essence of my being. I went home a few years ago and fell in love with a photo John Wiley was selling at Pike Place. I finally drove back to the market on my way to the airport and purchased the photo. Since then, it has remained in it's matting and I have never framed it. I had to go to the frame store other day and finally bought a frame and put the whole thing together. Now I just have to put the little teeth, hangie thing and hang it up, but I've made progress.

And below is is my new coconut aloha tea... I'm about to make a cup as I work on this paper for pharmacology.

oh and as I was looking for new photos to add to my seattle collection, I came across this blog. which can give me a bit of eye candy for my beloved city everyday! yeah!!!Seattle Daily Photos!

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