Saturday, May 10, 2008

coconut aloha

i am in love with tea. or coffee. or water.... i like them all. but i have an obsession with teavana. teavana is a chain tea emporium. you can go in and buy 2 oz. of tea for said price. i had a moment to go to teavana yesterday, i needed to get a new strainer, because i had just been using emily's. i was compelled to get some coconut aloha tea, black tea with large bits of hawaiian coconut mixed in.

The picture above is of my favorite, blooming tiger. It's crazy, it comes shaped in a little bud and it turns into this big, huge flower once you "water" it. It's an amazing white tea. I also spotted this super cool tumbler for their special blooming teas, but it wasn't in the financial cards. For now I will just think of it longing.

btw.. i should be studying patho, but i'm reading a great book called "The Year of Fog." I picked it up at Target yesterday and thought I rarely purchase books, because I read them too quickly, I'm happy I did. I have needed this quite morning in bed, with my tea, and a cozy novel.

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