Tuesday, May 20, 2008

my favorite tofu snack

the last time i was in seattle my friend donna and i were feeling quite cheap, so we did a lot of cooking at home. we found this tofu idea. it's now become a staple in my life. however, it looks so pretty when i make it, i thought i would take pictures. it's sooo easy to make!

here's what you do.

1. chop up however much garlic and green onions you would like. i'm liberal with both, because once you saute them, they taste awesome.

2. soak them in equal parts soy and toasted sesame oil. just remember if you add more soy, you need to add sesame, so the soy doesn't evaporate.

3. take a block of extra firm tofu. (the more firm the better.) Place it on a plate (that is not flat, it needs to have sides that are a bit higher.) Put a few paper towels down. Place the block of tofu on it. Put a few paper towels on top. Put another plate on top of the tofu, sometimes i use a cutting board. Then put something heavy on top of it. I use my cast iron skillet. Let that sit for at least 20 minutes. It will take a lot of the water out of the tofu and make it even more firm.

4. cut up the tofu in whatever size you like. the smaller piece, the better the mixture coats everything and the faster it cooks. but do whatever. tofu is yours to manipulate as you wish.

5. put your skillet on the stove. i always let my skillets preheat. i can't remember the reasoning behind this, but i've read great cooks do it, so i do too. put the mixture on top of the tofu and mix it up.

6. put it in your hot skillet and let it cook however long you wish. i like to cook it for awhile, so it gets a charbroiled kind of taste, but do as you wish. i then just put it in a container and snack on it or add it to stir fry through the week.

that's it. gotta love it. i also made my awesome cauliflower jalapeƱo soup tonight. i'll post that later.

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