Sunday, May 11, 2008

the organ man

i moved to the ghetto. i got cheaper rent. and... wait for it...wait for it... i got...

cockroaches. i am so grossed out right now. so i came home from a great evening with ahmi & mike to find a little cockroach scurrying on my counter. gross. i grabbed the raid and killed that mofo. (the raid was saved from the colby's actually ant spray for our once yearly infestation.) so i'm calling the organ man. When i was a nanny in DC, one of the kids always followed the Orkin man around and called him the organ man. I still find it funny.

went and washed my face. came back and saw another little mofo running on my clean dishes. dude crossed the line. on my clean dishes? seriously? i sprayed them and him with raid. then proceeded to wash all the dishes.

got the computer out and started looking up bugs, because these don't look like cockroaches, well a litle, but not the big ones i'm used to in hawaii. sure enough it appears that they are called German cockroaches (bugs from the motherland, awesome. i wish it was beer from the motherland.)

The only place I can figure out that they might have gotten in is the screens in the kitchen. My apt is blessed to have no ventilation, therefore if anything smokes or needs some air, you have to open the windows. The windows do not have perfect screen. i.e. welcome my lovely countrymen, come in and scurry all over my kitchen. ewww...

walked back in the kitchen to wipe down the counters again. sweep one more time and make sure that everything that needed to be in plastic was.

saw another little mofo on the wall. unbelievable. i sent an email to the landlord letting them know this situation needs to be resolved immediately. i will not deal with these bugs.

i did some more research, resolved that i can't do anything more this evening. and this is what i found.

*cockroaches can be found anywhere. doesn't matter if you are dirty or clean, they just want a home they can cuddle up in. they like clutter. (um. i'm clean and clutter free, so go away.)
*it's important to control the manifestation early. (oh i'm controlling it. stupid bugs won't mess with me anymore.)
*they can live behind the labels of canned goods and eat their paste.
*they die quickly without water
*they can eat through plastic ziplocs... you need better containers.
find out more here:
insert blockquotedie you motfo's die

i'm over it. they better get the f out. stupid bugs. :)

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Ellen said...

They needn't come in thru screens or windows, my dear--they are probably living inside your walls. And they come out en masse in darkness, while you're sleeping. We all have these experiences at one time or another....